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Preparing for surgery

Once you and your Coastal Orthopaedics & Sports Injuries surgeon make the decision that surgery is required or the best treatment plan for you, preparing yourself both physically and mentally will help you to recover more quickly afterwards and reduce the risk of complications.

Your surgeon will start by assessing your general medical condition to make sure you don’t have any issues that could interfere with the surgery or its outcome. In most cases your surgeon will request blood tests and X-rays be taken. Depending on your condition, he may also require some other tests be performed.

You will be asked a number of questions relating to allergies, medication, smoking, alcohol intake, your general health and your family situation (to ensure you will have someone available to look after you once you go home following your surgery and hospital stay).

You will be asked to read and sign a surgical consent form and your surgeon will provide you with a detailed list of how to prepare for your surgery (fasting requirements etc.), possible complications and how to care for your wound and limb after surgery (including a gentle exercise plan).

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